Adalet Yayınevi Legal Boundaries of Intellectual Property Commercialization in the European Internal Market Osman Buğra Beydoğan

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    The present work is adapted from the doctoral dissertation of the author, submitted to the University of Debrecen Géza Marton Doctoral School of Legal Studies (Hungary) in May 2021 and defended in June 2021.
    The kick-off challenge facing the European intellectual property (IP) laws is hardly less apparent to those outsiders (much like the present author once was) than it is to native European lawyers and scholars. On the one hand rests the emblematic market model of the Union (i.e. the EU Internal Market) characterized by the free movement principle and the objective of undistorted competition. On the other hand is the typology of IP rights that is characteristically exclusive -thus exclusionary- and historically territorial. The two phenomena are prone to come to an inherent and immediately conflict insofar as the territorial monopolistic rights stemming from IP protection, when exercised in respect of corporeal goods and services, present a major impediment to cross-border movement of corporeal goods and provision of such services.

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