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    • Savaş Yayınları Local Government A Turkish Perspective-Hamza Ateş

      Savaş Yayınları Local Government A Turkish Perspective-Hamza Ateş
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          Local government is the smallest unit of administration in any political system. It is a system of government that fosters democracy, as it engenders greater participation of the people in the process of government. It also refers to specific institutions or entities created by legislation of central government to deliver a range of specified services which have “common” and “local” character to a relatively small geographically defined area. Local governance is a broader concept and is defined as the formulation and execution of collective action at the local level. The main objective of a local government authority is not only to provide certain local public services to their residents, but also to encourage democratic participation and civic dialogue, to improve the life and liberty of residents, to support sustainable local development, and thus to enhance the quality of life of residents.

      ISBN    9786257127967
      YAZAR    Hamza Ateş
      SAYFA SAYISI    422
      EBAT    16x24
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      Stok Kodu9786257127967
      MarkaSavaş Yayınları
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